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In Heaven’s Vault Continent, Colossal Dragons, Titans, Beast People, Fairies, Magical Beasts, and other races reign supreme!

Humans are treated like s*aves and lowlifes, while Dragon People act all high and mighty and consider themselves nobility!

However, a new addition will rock the boat and overturn the status quo!

His name is Meng Lei, and he is a human from Earth that transmigrated to become a… villager!

Or so he thought, as he had yet to unlock The Most Powerful Pickup System!

“Ding! Dropped item discovered. Will you pick it up?”

Be it money, items, spells, vitality, spiritual power… The Most Powerful Pickup System will pick them all!

“Should I train to become a Magician or a Warrior? Why not try both!?

Follow Meng Lei’s epic as he turns from a regular villager to a formidable and respectable existence!

Chapter list

Chapter 1: Heaven’s Vault Continent, An Incoming Beast Tide Read
Chapter 2: Assimilation Successful, Non-Stop Powering Up Read
Chapter 3: The Magical Beast, Fire Wolf, & Picking Up Magic Read
Chapter 4: Breakthrough to Trainee Warrior Read
Chapter 5: Bug Plug-In, Death of the Fire Wolf King Read
Chapter 6: Beast Tide Receded, Harvest After the Disaster Read
Chapter 7: The Four Great Empires & The Four-Classes Stratification System Read
Chapter 8: Obligatory Military Service, Going Into The Mountains Alone Read
Chapter 9: Thorn Python And Besieging The Giant Spider Read
Chapter 10: Received Meditation Method, I Am Lost Read
Chapter 11: Stats Increase, The Rampaging Pool Salamander Read
Chapter 12: Killing a Rampaging Pool Salamander, Becoming A First-Grade Warrior Read
Chapter 13: Saint Domain Magical Beast, Saint Domain Magicians Read
Chapter 14: The Battle Of The Saint Domains, Destroying Heaven And Earth Read
Chapter 15: An Unexpected Windfall, Successful Meditation Read
Chapter 16: Fire Dragon Capital City, Three Companions Read
Chapter 17: Magic Academy, Humans Beneath Beasts Read
Chapter 18: Magic Test, Cruel Reality Read
Chapter 19: Superb Talent, Hundred Times of Shock Read
Chapter 20: Three Old Men, An Admissions Blunder Read
Chapter 21: Wild Scramble, The Dust Had Settled Read
Chapter 22: Warrior Training Is For The Rich, Exorbitant Fees Read
Chapter 23: A Long History, Ranked Ninth In The Continent Read
Chapter 24: Saint Domain Statues, Beating People Up In School Read
Chapter 25: Fighting and Getting Into A Brawl, New Students Assessment Read
Chapter 26: A Luxurious Condominium, Cold And Distant Housemate Read
Chapter 27: Ten Elements Of Magic, Frost Kingdom Read
Chapter 28: Earth-Element Talent, Mid-Term Examination Read
Chapter 29: Examiner Was Extremely Strict Read
Chapter 30: All Failed, A Public Disgrace Read
Chapter 31: Perfect Release of Third-Grade Spells Read
Chapter 32: Challenge, First Showdown Read
Chapter 33: An Overwhelming Crush of Others’ IQ, Fourth-Grade Magician Read
Chapter 34: Gold-Medal Fighters, Earning Money Like One Is Committing Robbery Read
Chapter 35: Expensive Magic Cores, RiChapter Magicians Read
Chapter 36: The Battle For The Title Of King of Fighters, Becoming A Fighter Read
Chapter 37: Royal Technique, Fire Dragon Manual Read
Chapter 38: Oden The King Of Fighters, Battling The Giant Spiritual God Read
Chapter 39: The Battle Is Set, Fire Dragon Bloodline Read
Chapter 40: Modifying One’s Body, Transforming Into A Dragon For The First Time Read
Chapter 41: Fifth-Grade Warrior, New Plans Read
Chapter 42: Arthur Galen Battling A Tauren Read
Chapter 43: Violent Thunderstorm, Achieved First Victory Read
Chapter 44: Fifth-Grade Magician, Strike a Deal With Lance Read
Chapter 45: Dragon Bone Herb, Instant Third-Grade Spell Read
Chapter 46: Humiliating Lance, Reprimanding A Senior Read
Chapter 47: A Careless Slip, Breakthrough Again? Read
Chapter 48: Secret of Instant Release, Where Is My Home? Read
Chapter 49: Spatial Ring, Fled When Caught Read
Chapter 50: Battle Of The Silver Fighters, Fire Demon Bloodline Read
Chapter 51: The Five Great Eras, Transforming Into A Fire Demon Read
Chapter 52: Comparable To A Fire Dragon, Two Types of Bloodlines Read
Chapter 53: Bullying And Humiliation, Raging Fury Read
Chapter 54: Giving Larry A Savage Beating, Spending Money To Apologize Read
Chapter 55: Disciplinary Team’s Arrival, The Strongest Read
Chapter 56: Magic Carpet, Ran Into Bandits Along The Way Read
Chapter 57: Wiping Out The Bandits, A Spatial Ring Read
Chapter 58: A Wild Beast Tide, Producing Lightning With A Flip Of The Hand Read
Chapter 59: Contractual Magic Circle, Subdued As A Mount Read
Chapter 60: Superior-Grade Fire-Elemental Affinity, Bringing Fortune To The Village Read
Chapter 61: Going Into The Mountains Again, Hunting Magical Beasts Read
Chapter 62: Killing The Assassin, Becoming A Seventh-Grade Magician Read
Chapter 63: An Arduous Task And The Road Ahead Is Long, Meng Lei Was Swallowed Read
Chapter 64: The World At The Bottom Of The Lake, Saint Domain Dragon Corpse Read
Chapter 65: Gouging Out Dragon Cores & Picking Up Dragon Sh*t Read
Chapter 66: Saint Domain Magician, This Is A Divine Weapon Read
Chapter 67: Dripping Blood To Claim Ownership, An Unfilial Descendant Read
Chapter 68: Bloodline Barrier, Leaving The Underground Read
Chapter 69: The Astonished Ol’ Amos, An Eliminated Clan Read
Chapter 70: Ninth-Grade Magical Beast, Titanic Dragon-Ape Read
Chapter 71: Rapport In Coordination, Dragon-Ape Infant Read
Chapter 72: Dragon-Ape Dies, Extreme Stupidity Read
Chapter 73: The Ultimate Threat, A Fake Saint Domain Read
Chapter 74: The Dragon-Ape Infant, An Equal Contract Read
Chapter 75: Besieged By Magical Beasts, A Great Army Invades Read
Chapter 76: Flame Inferno, Annihilation Read
Chapter 77: Divine Beast Teddy, Half A Month Goes By Quietly Read
Chapter 78: Golden Colossal Dragons And Thunder Titans Read
Chapter 79: Absolute Overpowering, Meeting Abbe Again Read
Chapter 80: The Meteor Plains, The Ice Age Read
Chapter 81: The Missing Meteor, The Golden Leaf Read
Chapter 82: The Soul Realm, A White Elephant Divine Weapon Read
Chapter 83: Wood-Elemental Magic Talent, Pummeling A Gigantic Python Read
Chapter 84: Terrifying Roars, A Magical Beast Riot Read
Chapter 85: The King of Magical Beasts, An Exceptionally Huge Ant Tide Read
Chapter 86: The Fearsome Ant Tide, Returning To The Village Read
Chapter 87: The Great Dragon Blood Wall, Making Arrangements For The Villagers Read
Chapter 88: Closure of City Gates, A Grand Path Read
Chapter 89: Forcibly Recruiting Meng Lei, “I’m only 15 years old.” Read
Chapter 90: The World Changed, The Beast Tide Ended Read
Chapter 91: Dragon-Language Magic, A Sea of Fire Burns the Sky Read
Chapter 92: A One-Man Suppression? How Can This Be Read
Chapter 93: Ninth-Grade Spell, Heavenly Fire Meteor Read
Chapter 94: Making An Escape, Double-Legged Flying Dragons Read
Chapter 95: The Flying Dragon Troops, Fighting For Magic Cores Read
Chapter 96: The Triple-Everything Troops, Beating Up The Dragon King Read
Chapter 97: Severing A Wing, Earning Another 30 Million Gold Coins Read
Chapter 98: Dragon-Language Magic, An Abnormal Ant Tide Read
Chapter 99: Mad Luck, a Juvenile Ant Monarch Read
Chapter 100: Soul Magic, Your Name Shall Be Little Gold! Read
Chapter 101: A Tragic Ant Monarch, The Reason for the Ant Tide Read
Chapter 102: Billionaire, Ninth-Grade Warrior Read
Chapter 103: Tanna The Class Belle, We’re Done For Read
Chapter 104: Resisting The Enemies At North River, Unprecedented Events Read
Chapter 105: Death Tempest, Give The Order To Withdraw Read
Chapter 106: Arrogant And Conceited? Falling Meteors Read
Chapter 107: Fire God Descends, An Original Spell Read
Chapter 108: 100 Types of First-Class Spells, The Nine Spells Read
Chapter 109: Ant Tide Defeated, Flying Dragons Retreated Out of Fear Read
Chapter 110: The 10 Billion Milestone, Gaining Another Bloodline Read
Chapter 111: Golden Bloodline, An Explosive Increase In Physical Strength Read
Chapter 112: The Continent Sinks, The Deities Descend Read
Chapter 113: Strengths And Weaknesses, The Ruler Descends Read
Chapter 114: Wealth Reset, Killing A Saint Domain Magical Beast Read
Chapter 115: I’ve Grown Too Full of Myself, But I Didn’t Slip Up That Badly Read
Chapter 116: Taking Inventory of His Rewards, The Underground World Read
Chapter 117: Bloodthirsty Golden Nest, The Ant Tide Concludes Read
Chapter 118: Returning To The Academy, Ten Superior-Grade Elemental Affinities Read
Chapter 119: Abyss Demons, Private Territory Read
Chapter 120: Meeting The Academy President, I Have An Ancestor Read
Chapter 121: A Deity Ancestor, A Successful Bluff Read
Chapter 122: Titan Bloodline, Meeting The Gods of Fortune Read
Chapter 123: Sell, Sell, Sell! Entering Saint Domain Read
Chapter 124: Abbe’s Disappearance, An Inter-Academy Competition Read
Chapter 125: Intense Competition, Posturing Fatty Read
Chapter 126: Gravitational Space, Free-For-All Arena Battle Read
Chapter 127: Brilliant Dragon Might, Bombing The Arena Again Read
Chapter 128: The Last Day, The King Watches The Battle Read
Chapter 129: 100 Saint Domains, Laws of Nature Fragments Read
Chapter 130: Ice Momentum, Turning Into A Fire Lotus In A Second Read
Chapter 131: Choosing A Queen, Abandoning One’s Merits And Making MuChapter of Their Shortcomings Read
Chapter 132: Meng Lei The Monster, Violently Smashing A Hammer Read
Chapter 133: Elizabeth, Striking The Princess With Lightning Read
Chapter 134: A Berserk Meng Lei, The Infuriated King Read
Chapter 135: Equally-Matched Opponents, A First-Class Spell Falls Read
Chapter 136: Attaining Saint Domain, System Upgrade Read
Chapter 137: Laws of Nature Origin Crystals, Gods-Slaying Bloodline Read
Chapter 138: Lucky Breakthrough, Handsome Rewards Read
Chapter 139: A Great Bird Riding The Wind, Soaring Freely In the Sky Read
Chapter 140: The Secret of Deification, The Saint Domain’s Limits Read
Chapter 141: Extermination At A Finger Snap, Arrival At The Imperial City Read
Chapter 142: No. 1 In History, Timon Barton Read
Chapter 143: Assembly of The Strongest, Hailing From The Countryside Read
Chapter 144: Second In History, Augustine Read
Chapter 145: Entering Dragon God Tower, A World of Sand Read
Chapter 146: Killing Ninth-Grade Magical Beasts Like Slaughtering Livestock Read
Chapter 147: Level 21, Red Rock Fire Demon Read
Chapter 148: Undying Mud Leeches and Successfully Getting on Ranking Read
Chapter 149: Ranked 469th, Second In History Read
Chapter 150: Golden Steel Wind-Ape, Wind-Elemental Fragment Read
Chapter 151: This Is Just Basic Operations, So Don’t Be That Amazed, Dimensional Blade Read
Chapter 152: Diamond Mammoth, Becoming a Saint Domain Great Magician Read
Chapter 153: Magic Talent For Eight Elements, Golden Wheel Reincarnation Blast Read
Chapter 154: Magic Talent For Ten Elements, Coming Back To Life Read
Chapter 155: Turning Back Time, Coming Back To Life Read
Chapter 156: Picking Up Items Until Even His Hand Had Gone Limp, Generous Rewards Read
Chapter 157: Establishing A Kingdom And Conferring A King, A Lost Continent Read
Chapter 158: Spirit Dragon Ring, King Kroc Read
Chapter 159: All-Round Surveillance, Seeded Monsters Read
Chapter 160: The Golden Dragon-Lion, The Raging Giant Read
Chapter 161: A Proliferation of Geniuses, A Deep Sinkhole Read
Chapter 162: Hermaphrodite, This Is My Mount Read
Chapter 163: Crushing A Hammer, Taking In A Spy Read
Chapter 164: Getting Others To Do The Dirty Work, I’m About To Get Mad Read
Chapter 165: Fruit of The Divine Tree, Deification By Religious Faith Read
Chapter 166: The Threat of A Half-Deity, The Multi-Armed Behemoth Read
Chapter 167: Golden Giant, The Behemoth Submits Read
Chapter 168: Blazing Jealousy, As Vicious As A Viper Read
Chapter 169: Harsh Competition, I Don’t Hit Women Read
Chapter 170: Betraying Boss? A Chaotic Battle At The Cliff Read
Chapter 171: Barbarossa Says, “These Magic Cores Are Mine” Read
Chapter 172: Beating Up A Prince, A Colossal Dragon’s True Form Read
Chapter 173: I’ve Beaten Up The Crown Prince? The Overlord of The Skies Read
Chapter 174: His Name is Meng Lei, Deceiving The Emperor Read
Chapter 175: Assimilating Another Bloodline, A Member of Royalty Read
Chapter 176: Two First-Class Spells, Myriad of Nature Read
Chapter 177: Golden Corpse Canyon, The Golden Corpse Bug Emperor Read
Chapter 178: The Tree of Vitality, The Hammer of Destruction Read
Chapter 179: The Behemoth On The Brink of Death, The Immortal Fairy Read
Chapter 180: Undeveloped Carnal Desires, Magical Beasts Wiped Out Read
Chapter 181: The White Tiger Knight, Hotpot Feast Read
Chapter 182: Who’s Beating Up Who? A Fierce Battle Read
Chapter 183: The Divine Tree Reappears, Five Fruits Read
Chapter 184: Hand Over The Fruits, It’s Her! Read
Chapter 185: Asabelle, Colossal Dragon Transformation Read
Chapter 186: The Divine Tree Makes An Appearance, Sealing A Half-Deity Read
Chapter 187: Holy Knight Order, The Empire’s Half-Deity Read
Chapter 188: God’s Domain, The Hammer of Destruction Read
Chapter 189: Facing The Evil Deity, Extreme Credit Redemption Read
Chapter 190: This Is A Divine Technique, Gods-Slaying Rat Transformation Read
Chapter 191: Divine Might Personification, A Deity-Slaying Feat Read
Chapter 192: Perishing Together, Goodbye Meng Lei Read
Chapter 193: Two Half-Deities, Little Sister Has Come Read
Chapter 194: Return to Magical Beast Forest, Farewell to Teddy Read
Chapter 195: A Half-Deity’s Body, Vast Wealth Read
Chapter 196: Divine Spirit Flame, The Power of Faith Read
Chapter 197: Going Onto The Dragon Flesh-Scraping Platform, Falling Out Completely Read
Chapter 198: Stepping On A Black Dragon, A Tempest Colossal Dragon Read
Chapter 199: A Brave Dragon Slayer, One Hammer Strike Each Read
Chapter 200: Slaughtering Them All, Top In History Read
Chapter 201: Smashing the Dragon God Dead, The Tower of Time Read
Chapter 202: Rivaling A Chief God, The New Master Read
Chapter 203: Existential Plane Seeds, The Ten Major Divine Realms Read
Chapter 204: Comprehending All Ten Types of Laws of Nature Read
Chapter 205: A Deity’s Path of Advancement, Splitting One’s Divine Spirit Read
Chapter 206: Fighting For Power of Faith, A Legendary Emperor Read
Chapter 207: Leave The Princesses Here, Throw The Princes Out Read
Chapter 208: Slaying Another Half-Deity, Slaughtering Another 100 Saint Domains Read
Chapter 209: Assimilating Laws of Nature, A Fallen Angel Read
Chapter 210: Entering A Blood Pact, Spatial Laws of Nature Read
Chapter 211: Picking Up A Divine Core, Stepping Into Dragon Island Read
Chapter 212: Eight Half-Deities, Killing A Dragon King In An Instant Read
Chapter 213: One Spear Jab Each, A Half-Deity Mount Read
Chapter 214: The Allure of The Divine Core, Traitor of the Dragons Read
Chapter 215: Ol’ Amos’ Not Dead? Dead Souls Half-Deity Read
Chapter 216: Taking Control of The Empire, The New Dragon Island Read
Chapter 217: 1,000 Pickup Attempts, A Divine Beast Carcass Read
Chapter 218: Eating Divine Pork, Meeting The Behemoth Again Read
Chapter 219: The Arrival of Multiple Guests, A Half-Deity Attacks Read
Chapter 220: The Fallen Titan And The Dark Fairy Read
Chapter 221: Stealing Innate Special Abilities, Slaying The Titan Read
Chapter 222: Two Deaths And One Escapee, The Dark Mother Tree Read
Chapter 223: Titan Surrenders. The Spider Goddess. Read
Chapter 224: The Divine Netherworld Phoenix, The Primordial Humans Read
Chapter 225: The World Genesis Plane, Netherworld Divine Fire Read
Chapter 226: The Swirling Snow Sword Saint, A Human Half-Deity Read
Chapter 227: Sexy Goddess, Transfer Ability Read
Chapter 228: Intense Clash, Goddess Says Really Flagrant Read
Chapter 229: RiChapter Rewards, The Angel Is Born Read
Chapter 230: Summoning Dead Souls, A Devil Contract Read
Chapter 231: Sunset Ranges, The Titan Empire Read
Chapter 232: The Hundred-Armed Giant, Showdown Before The Gods Read
Chapter 233: The Four Great True Gods And The Five Great Supremes Read
Chapter 234: Five Great Divine Incarnations, The Reincarnation of An Evil Deity Read
Chapter 235: The Battle Between The Titans, The Fallen Frost Titan Read
Chapter 236: The Domineering Old Man, Get Out of Here Read
Chapter 237: Fall Of The Titan, Seventeen Half-Deities Read
Chapter 238: Ganging up on me? The Hundred-Armed Giant Read
Chapter 239: Who’s Beating Up Who? The Titan Self-Destructs Read
Chapter 240: Slaughtering Them All, The Titan True God Read
Chapter 241: Steel-Winged Angel, Metal-Origin Divine Body Read
Chapter 242: A Sea of Dead Bodies, The Grim Reaper’s Scythe Read
Chapter 243: The Death Gods, The Fire Demon Overlord Read
Chapter 244: A Million Sacrificial Offerings, Lord Ram-Lion Read
Chapter 245: A Million Sacrificial Offerings, Descendant of The Devil Read
Chapter 246: The Ram-Lion Devil, Bitten By Ten Thousand Devils Read
Chapter 247: Elemental Heart, Meng Lei Is Dead Read
Chapter 248: The Great God Meng Lei, Spreading Faith Read
Chapter 249: Lesser Deities, Distributing Divine Cores Read
Chapter 250: Cola Left, Tsunami Came Read
Chapter 251: Freezing A Tsunami, Suppressing A Volcano Read
Chapter 252: Abolishing The Stratification System, Dismissing The Nobles Read
Chapter 253: Slaughtering 30,000,000 People, A Great Windfall Read
Chapter 254: Rain of Light, The Meng Lei Empire Read
Chapter 255: The Beast People Royal Court, Great Skill And Strategy Read
Chapter 256: The Goddess Issues A Holy Decree, The Elemental Being Is Born Read
Chapter 257: Salamander, Colossal Dragons Pulling Carriage Read
Chapter 258: Awakening Zeal, Solemn Oath Read
Chapter 259: The Empire Is Established, The Dragon God Descends Read
Chapter 260: Ripping The Dragon God Apart Alive, Freeing The Humans Read
Chapter 261: Unifying The Continent, The Legendary Titan Read
Chapter 262: Breaking The Hammer, Sending Meng Lei Flying Read
Chapter 263: Took Turns Beating Up, Life’s Too Difficult For Him Read
Chapter 264: Abandoned By The Deities, Submitting By One’s Own Initiative Read
Chapter 265: The New Dragon Emperor, Filling Up The Imperial Harem Read
Chapter 266: Reaching An Agreement, A Demon God Contract Read
Chapter 267: Struggling At Death’s Door, The Far Northern Icelands Read
Chapter 268: Dark Demonic Dragon, Creating Magic Circle Read
Chapter 269: An Unknown Army, Attack of the Demons Read
Chapter 270: Armies At The Borders, An Unstoppable Force Read
Chapter 271: A Spike In Wealth, A True God Melee Read
Chapter 272: Killing The Demon Lords, The Demonic Dragon Continent Read
Chapter 273: Complete Annihilation, Take Your Own Life Read
Chapter 274: The War Between Gods And Demons, The Secret of The Existential Planes Read
Chapter 275: Dark Demonic Dragon, Divine Netherworld Phoenix Read
Chapter 276: Power Of Existential Plane, Rebirth Read
Chapter 277: Bankrupt Overnight, Reconstructing The Divine Body Read
Chapter 278: Netherworld Divine Fire Upgrades, The End of The Demonic Dragon Read
Chapter 279: Dividing and Enfeoffing Existential Planes, Creating a God System Read
Chapter 280: System Upgrade, New Functions Read
Chapter 281: Monstrous New Functions, Ancient God Bloodline Read
Chapter 282: Intermediate Deity, The Looted Dragon’s Den Read
Chapter 283: The Fairy Goddess, Ol’ President Returns Read
Chapter 284: Angel’s Blade, The Light Church Read
Chapter 285: With A Snap Of Fingers, I’m Not Really A Deity Read
Chapter 286: The God of Magical Beasts, The Graveyard of Gods And Demons Read
Chapter 287: The ChurChapter Attacks, Her Eminence The Holy Maiden Read
Chapter 288: Holy Maiden Killed Instantly, Fleeing Away Read
Chapter 289: The Astounded Ol’ Amos, Five Divine Cores Read
Chapter 290: Going Up The Holy Mountain, It’s Useless Against Me Read
Chapter 291: Making A Getaway, The Pope of Light Read
Chapter 292: Crushing The Pope, Immolation Read
Chapter 293: Six-Winged Angel, Submitting Was Really Flagrant Read
Chapter 294: The ChurChapter Is Annihilated, The Great God Kroc Read
Chapter 295: The Ancient Tree of Life, The Ancient God Bloodline Read
Chapter 296: By Our Lord’s Decree, The Secret Of Heaven’s Vault Read
Chapter 297: Grooming And Demon Metamorphosis, The Gods-Demons Continent Read
Chapter 298: Four Divine Beasts, Putting A Leash On Them Read
Chapter 299: Life Drawing, Higher-Tier Divine Weapon Read
Chapter 300: RiChapter Rewards, The Magical Beast God Read
Chapter 301: Wind Blade Grand Burial, Life Guardian Read
Chapter 302: Golden Vines, Meng Lei Pierced Read
Chapter 303: Sucked Dry, Golden Little Tree Read
Chapter 304: Fearsome Devouring Ability, An Extraordinary Background Read
Chapter 305: Angel’s Heart, A Titan King Read
Chapter 306: A Spike In Divine Body Sturdiness, 4,000,000 Feet Read
Chapter 307: Primordial Green Dragon, Cerberus Read
Chapter 308: Limits-Level Divine Body, Pinnacle-Grade Divine Spirit Read
Chapter 309: New Home, The Demon God Descends Read
Chapter 310: A Must-Have, Daydream Read
Chapter 311: Thundering Fury, Headshot With One Punch Read
Chapter 312: Instantly Killing The Demonic Dragon, Besieging Meng Lei Read
Chapter 313: Rampage, Forming An Alliance Read
Chapter 314: Higher Deity, Unbeatable Read
Chapter 315: Endless Regret, Breakthrough to Higher Deity Read
Chapter 316: Clash Of The Greats, Abyss Skeletal Dragon Read
Chapter 317: The Haber Colossal Dragon Gods, Making A Killing Read
Chapter 318: Dealing With The Dragon God, Mid-End Existential Planes Read
Chapter 319: World-Breaching Transfer, Spatial Laws of Nature Read
Chapter 320: 500 Existential Planes, The Down And Out Dragon God Read
Chapter 321: The Fall Of the Dragon God, The Frost Gods Read
Chapter 322: Mysterious Ice of The Depths, Breaking The Seal Read
Chapter 323: The Demon Ravine, Tigers Among The Sheep Read
Chapter 324: Ancient Demon Pigs, The Dark Hell Continent Read
Chapter 325: The Skeletal Dragon’s Incarnation, This Is A Pigsty Read
Chapter 326: Ice Demon Prefecture Guards, Death In A Strike Read
Chapter 327: The Whole Clan Moves Away, Clash of The Powerful Read
Chapter 328: The Three Most Powerful Existences, A Master-less Existential Plane Read
Chapter 329: Defeating The Prefecture Master, Replacement Read
Chapter 330: Smacking It Dead With One Palm Strike, The Behemoth Corpse Emperor Read
Chapter 331: Intense Clash, Fishing In Troubled Waters Read
Chapter 332: The Netherworld Divine Fire Evolves, Besieging The Prefecture Master Read
Chapter 333: The Prefecture Master Self-Destructs, RiChapter Rewards Read
Chapter 334: New Prefecture Master, Ice Demon Shrine Read
Chapter 335: The Death Gods, The Grim Reaper’s Eye Read
Chapter 336: Killing All of Them, Hosting A Birthday Banquet Read
Chapter 337: The Boundless King, The Dark Canopy of The Heavens Read
Chapter 338: The Three Major Rulers, Power of Origin Read
Chapter 339: Metal-Origin Body, A Great Improvement In Strength Read
Chapter 340: Dark Hell Imperial Palace, Fire Demon Prefecture Master Read
Chapter 341: Killing Cato Instantly, An Assembly of The Powerful Read
Chapter 342: A Chaotic Melee Breaks Out, At Least You Know What’s Good For You Read
Chapter 343: Divine Fire Suppression, Ultimate Special Ability Read
Chapter 344: The Grim Reaper’s Eye Evolves, Killing The Demonic Emperor Read
Chapter 345: The Boundless Giant, Taking Out All The Enemies In One Fell Swoop Read
Chapter 346: Death Roar, Fighting With EaChapter Other To Submit Read
Chapter 347: Boundless Great Beasts, The Titans Read
Chapter 348: The Sky Titans, I’ll Fight The Hundred of You Read
Chapter 349: Ambrose, The Fairy Goddess Read
Chapter 350: Enemies Meet, The Goddess Is Stunned Read
Chapter 351: Heated Clash, Sending Goddess Flying Read
Chapter 352: Wood-Origin Divine Body, The Ancient Tree of Life Read
Chapter 353: A Mid-Level Ancient God, On Par With A Chief God Read
Chapter 354: Three Sets Of Wealth, Quintuple-Elemental Fusion Read
Chapter 355: Contest Between Two Sides, Angels and Behemoths Read
Chapter 356: Fusing Them Into One, Time-Based Laws of Nature Read
Chapter 357: An Intense Clash, Thunder-Origin Divine Body Read
Chapter 358: A Monarch’s Treasure, Congregation Of Experts Read
Chapter 359: The King’s Providence, The Heart of The Existential Plane Read
Chapter 360: Reviving The King, Greetings, My Master Read
Chapter 361: Smashed In A Strike, One Man Army Read
Chapter 362: Primordial Human, Packed Up For Enhancement Read
Chapter 363: A Chief God’s Mighty Aura, A Powerful Enemy Attacks Read
Chapter 364: Six Great Perfection Deities, The Moon Goddess Read
Chapter 365: Stopping Meng Lei, Violent Soul Reading Read
Chapter 366: Destruction Laws of Nature, Killing Great Perfection Deities Read
Chapter 367: Besieged By Five Deities, Weapon Enhancement Read
Chapter 368: He’s A Chief God, Perfect Divine Core Read
Chapter 369: Super Plunder, Life Laws Of Nature Read
Chapter 370: Spatial Laws Of Nature, Gaiazeus Read
Chapter 371: Black Cloud Continent, Earth Divine Realm Read
Chapter 372: Arriving At The Divine Realm, Pronouncing The Death Sentence Read
Chapter 373: Divinity Crystal Mine, A Change of Mindset Read
Chapter 374: A Chief God Bandit, Mysterious Black Fog Read
Chapter 375: A Chief God’s Remnant Soul, The Great Reincarnation And Destruction Process Read
Chapter 376: The Previous Era, Genesis Laws of Nature Read
Chapter 377: Immortal Essence, Power of Genesis Read
Chapter 378: A Heaven And Earth Phenomenon, Appearance of Chief God Divine Core Read
Chapter 379: The Manro Empress, Man And Wife Become Enemies Read
Chapter 380: Supreme God Divine Core, Destruction With A Flick of One’s Fingers Read
Chapter 381: The Frost Gods, Authentic Mysterious Ice Read
Chapter 382: Death Laws of Nature, Assimilating the Divine Core Read
Chapter 383: Assembly of The Great Perfection Deities, Divine Core Ownership Read
Chapter 384: Clearing Out The Battleground, Negotiation Read
Chapter 385: Full Annihilation, Colossal Dragon Continent Read
Chapter 386: Six-Legged Golden Suan Ni, Son Of A Chief God Read
Chapter 387: Discovery of Crystal Marrows, Threatened Read
Chapter 388: Killing Boris, Ignoring The Lord of The City Read
Chapter 389: Get On Your Knees, Killing The Son of The Chief God Read
Chapter 390: The Chief God Descends, Strongest In The Universe Read
Chapter 391: Taking On A Chief God, Death Deserved Read
Chapter 392: Mining Divinity Crystals, A Surprise Attack Read
Chapter 393: The Three Great Chief Gods, Time Freeze Read
Chapter 394: Killing The Chief Gods, The Chief God Treaty Read
Chapter 395: Time Replay, The Godly Clans’ Treasuries Read
Chapter 396: Higher Chief God, The Chief God Tribunal Read
Chapter 397: Space Exchange, Ten Thousand-Tentacled Serpent Read
Chapter 398: The Void Beast, The Boundless Great Beast Read
Chapter 399: Breaking The Seal, Black Phoenix Demon Grandmaster Read
Chapter 400: That Thing, Becoming A Mount Read
Chapter 401: The Flaming Star Beast, The Abyss of Darkness Read
Chapter 402: Chief God Bloodline, Supreme Divinity Crystals Read
Chapter 403: The Tragic Fate of Being Soul-Searched, Fatty Hart Is Dead Read
Chapter 404: Life Dominus, A Graveless Death Read
Chapter 405: Blasting A Juggernaut Into Smithereens, Meeting Their Demise One After Another Read
Chapter 406: Space Dominus, A Battle of Space Read
Chapter 407: The Supreme Celestial Realm, Eternal Energy Read
Chapter 408: Destroy My Divine Body, Take My Divine Core Read
Chapter 409: Eternal Divine Spirit, Big Golden Tree Read
Chapter 410: Fully Comprehending Them All, The Three Juggernauts Make Their Appearance Read
Chapter 411: Time Prison, The Power of Destruction Read
Chapter 412: Battling The Three Juggernauts Read
Chapter 413: The Supreme Celestial Realm, Semi-Supreme God Read
Chapter 414: Power Of Celestial Realm, A Complete Wipe Out Read
Chapter 415: An Anti-Climatic End To A Strong Start, Leaving Pathetically Read
Chapter 416: Looting Riches, Juggernaut-Class Divine Spirit Read
Chapter 417: The Gray Skeleton, Destiny Laws of Nature Read
Chapter 418: The Nine Major Types of Divine Bodies, A Mysterious Tentacle Read
Chapter 419: Primordial Kun, Sudden Change Read
Chapter 420: Gray Substance, Primordial World Body Read
Chapter 421: Advanced Energy, Destruction of the Celestial Realm Read
Chapter 422: 43 Chief God Divine Cores, Assimilating Them All Read
Chapter 423: Subduing A Juggernaut, An Unprecedented Feat Read
Chapter 424: Destiny Laws of Nature, Lord of The Universe Read
Chapter 425: The Gray Skeleton: He Has to Die Read
Chapter 426: Supreme God of The Underworld, Grim Reaper King Read
Chapter 427: Ol’ Amos Awakened, Blissful Old Man Read
Chapter 428: Destined To Buy Credits, Endless Darkness Read
Chapter 429: Black Hole, True Wealth Read
Chapter 430: Pinnacle-level Strength and the Laws of Nature Read
Chapter 431: Lord of The Universe, Primordial World Genesis Read
Chapter 432 (coming soon...) Read
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