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In a parallel world filled with pet beasts, people tame, train, evolve, and trade beasts.

Upon waking up one day, Fang Yuan was transported to this world. He was given a choice over his first beast egg.

The Hundred-Fold Multiplier System was also awakened.

Ding! A pet beast egg was detected — Level One Grey Spotted Wolf.

System Rewards (Options):

One, Hundred-Fold Level Multiplier. You will obtain a High-Grade Black Iron Level Three Grey Spotted Wolf.

Two, Hundred-Fold Potential Multiplier. You will obtain a Mid-Grade Silver Level One Shadow Wolf.

Ding! An item was detected — one Contract Gemstone.

System Rewards (Options):

One, Hundred-Fold Quantity Multiplier. You will obtain one hundred Common Contract Gemstones.

Two, Hundred-Fold Quality Multiplier. You will obtain one Rare Contract Gemstone.

Ding! Training ground detected — Beginner Secret Region, one day’s worth of cultivation.

System Rewards (Options):

One, Hundred-Fold Duration Multiplier. Beginner Secret Region, one hundred days’ worth of cultivation.

Two, Hundred-Fold Intensity Multiplier. Intermediate Secret Region, one day’s worth of cultivation.

Hundred-fold on pet beasts, hundred-fold on resources, hundred-fold on time. When Fang Yuan stepped out from the Secret Region, the world was shocked.

The principal proclaimed, «I had never believed in geniuses before, but now I do. This student has unlimited potential.»

An elder of a renowned clan exclaimed, «This is shocking! He is just a commoner, but his pet beasts are all legendary level!»

The head of the military affirmed, «I am very certain that the strength and number of pet beasts that Fang Yuan has are more than a hundred times that of his peers of the same age.»

Top researchers stated, «Fang Yuan has too many secrets on him; he even knows the secret evolution methods of more than a hundred different pet beasts!»

His classmates revered him, «Brother Yuan! The eternal God!»»

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