The Billionaire's Dance (Billionaire Bachelors #2)

The Billionaire's Dance (Billionaire Bachelors #2) - Page 16/23

“We have to leave, Jessica,” Alex said for the tenth time.

“I know, I know, it’s just so hard,” Jessica said as she kissed Jacob for about the hundredth time. “I love you sweetie. Mama will be home in a few days. Julia is going to take really good care of you, I promise,” she said.

They headed to the awaiting limo and Jessica smiled as she climbed inside. He had champagne chilling, a vase with two dozen roses, chocolates and a wrapped package all sitting there.

“What is this?” she asked.

“I didn’t give you a honeymoon, so even though this is a business trip, I plan on doing minimal business and giving you a romantic honeymoon the rest of the time. I wanted to start things out right,” he said with a little shrug.

Jessica was so choked up at his thoughtfulness she couldn’t speak for several moments. “Thank you,” she finally managed to get out.

“Here, open your gift,” he said with a sparkle in his eyes.

She took the package from him slowly unwrapping the gift. When she opened the jewelry box, she couldn’t take her eyes off the exquisite ruby necklace inside.

“It’s beautiful.”

“Turn around and I’ll put it on for you. I thought it would match your favorite dress and knew I had to get it for you,” he said while clasping it. His fingers trailed down her neck, when he was finished latching the necklace and she shivered in need.

He slowly turned her around and kissed her with such tenderness, she felt like her whole body was going to melt. She loved the unending passion they had but this tenderness he was showing was sure to be her complete undoing.

“You look beautiful,” he whispered to her, as he trailed his lips down the side of her neck. Her body shivered again and she reached for him, needing his lips on hers.

Jessica hadn’t realized how much time passed when the voice came over the intercom, “we will be arriving at the airport in five minutes.”

She jumped like she’d been caught necking with her boyfriend behind the bleachers, then chuckled. There was nothing wrong with kissing your husband in the back of a limo. “I’m glad you decided to come on the trip,” Alex said as he helped her out of the car.

“Me too,” she replied, really meaning it.

“I promise not to work too much,” he added.

“I will hold you to that promise.”

They boarded the company jet, which was luxurious even beyond what she was used to. She sat down and the perky flight attendant served them drinks and let them know dinner would be served once they were in the air. Jessica looked forward to a few days of really getting to know the man she’d married.

After they ate, her exhaustion finally took over and she slept the rest of the flight.

“Wake up, were here,” Alex’s voice stirred her from her sleep.

“Already?” she managed to mumble.

“You slept the whole trip,” he said with a little laugh. “I’m glad because now you will have a lot of energy for our night out.”

They stepped out of the jet and she breathed in the beauty of the island. It was so warm, with a nice breeze gently blowing. They climbed in the waiting car.

“I have some business to take care of right away. Why don’t you get settled in the room and then relax on the beach for a while. Be ready by six tonight for dinner and dancing. Wear a dress,” he added.

“That sounds great. I haven’t laid on the beach in forever. Seattle isn’t exactly lounging around weather,” she said with a smile.

Alex left her at the hotel, where she quickly changed clothing and headed to the semi-private beach. There were several people from the hotel but it was mostly couples and everyone seemed to be enjoying the beauty around them.

She jumped into the warm ocean and swam around until she was tired, then found a covered lounge area and pulled out her favorite romance book. She was reading about the hero and heroine and thinking her life was so much better, when she drifted off into another nap.

When Jessica woke, she glanced quickly at her watch and gave a little squeak as she realized it was four-thirty. She gathered her things quickly and headed back to the room to get ready for her date.

There was a message waiting, asking her to meet Alex in the bar, as he was running a little bit late. She jumped in the shower and then took her time getting ready, making sure she looked perfect.

She’d purchased a dress she normally would’ve never worn but she’d wanted to let loose on vacation. It dipped far lower in front than she’d ever worn before, showing a generous amount of her cleavage. The back of the dress dipped down to the small of her back and the hem reached mid-thigh. It hugged her hips tightly then the skirt flared out in a flirty style.

She’d even purchased new undergarments for the outfit and was wearing sexy panties and a garter belt. She wanted to incite passion in her husband and with the outfit she was wearing, she was hoping he had an uncomfortable evening.

As Jessica looked in the full length mirror at her image, she was a little shocked by her own boldness. She turned to look from all angles and smiled to herself. She almost didn’t recognize the woman staring back at her. Since she’d become a mother, she’d taken too little time with her own self. She wore sweats far too often and hardly ever applied make-up. Alex hadn’t seemed to mind but she liked feeling like a woman and vowed to take more time to pamper herself from then on.

Jessica made her way to the hotel lobby and stepped into the bar. She spotted Alex right away. He was so handsome, he took her breath away. When he turned towards her and his glance slid by and then whipped back to her, she smiled with triumph.

Alex just about slid out of his seat when he spotted his wife. She was always beautiful but he’d never seen her in anything like the dress she was wearing. He could feel the instant reaction his body was having, making his pants far too tight. He got up and walked towards her, almost as if he was in a trance.

“You’re the most ravishing woman I have ever met,” he said to her, before pulling her into his arms and taking her lips with his.

“Thank you, you are looking very dashing yourself,” she said.

“I’m going to have to fight off every man in this place,” he said while glaring slightly at a guy who was practically drooling over her.

He wrapped his arm possessively around her and led her to the outside restaurant. They had a wonderful dinner, filled with laughter and excellent food. Soon he was calling a cab and leading her to a different part of town.

They stepped up to a place she was shocked he would even know about. She could hear the music from the street and the neighborhood didn’t look to be the safest.

“Are you sure this is a safe spot?” she asked.

Alex threw back his head and laughed. “Don’t worry my love, I’ll protect you from any dangers,” he said while leading her through the open doorway.

Jessica caught her breath at his words. Did he know how badly she wanted his love? All thoughts fled as they stepped through the doorway.

The club was very dimly lit, making it hard to see anything. A steamy song was loudly playing and people were mashed together all throughout the club. Most of the couples looked more like they were about to drop to the floor and have sex, than like they were dancing.

Her eyes were drawn to the couple in front of them. Her stomach tightened and she told herself she should look away. The moment seemed so intimate between the two people, she felt like a peeping tom.

The woman’s head was thrown back and her lips were open, in what Jessica was sure was a moan escaping. The man had her plastered against him, with his hands running up and down her back and thighs, while his mouth was moving over her neck and breasts. Jessica finally managed to turn away and felt like running out of the club.

“Let’s dance,” Alex whispered in her ear. His voice sounded deep and husky, which made her stomach tighten even more. She nodded, knowing it was impossible for any words to escape her at that moment.

Alex pulled her into his arms, reminding her of their first dance together. He’d been so flirty and cocky. Dancing in his arms at that moment she couldn’t understand why she would’ve ever felt the need to fight him in any way.

“I want you so badly. You look amazing in this dress. I could take you right here,” he whispered to her. A shiver passed all the way down her spine and she could feel the heat, where she wanted his touch so badly.

Words still couldn’t escape Jessica’s tightened throat. Alex kissed her with passion and heat making her forget the room around them. His lips moved from her lips to her neck and down the plunging neckline of her dress.

His hands stroked up and down her back, getting lower and lower with each pass he made. They were barely moving to the music. He slowly started walking her backwards until she felt the hardness of a wall behind her back.

His hands were now running along the side of her body, touching the sides of her aching breasts and tender stomach. He began moving them down her hips until he finally found the bottom of her dress. They ran up under the hem and cupped her bare bottom. She let out a moan of pleasure as he caressed her skin.

He pulled her roughly into his obvious arousal and his lips once again connected with hers. It was pure seduction and she didn’t care they were in the middle of a club. She was ready for him to take her.

She lifted her hands up, to begin unbuttoning his shirt, when he suddenly stopped and pulled back. “We have to get out of here now,” he said through clenched teeth. Without saying anymore, he grabbed her hand and led her from the club. He pulled her quickly down the walk and hailed them a cab.

Jessica was beginning to think she’d done something wrong, because he was sitting several feet away from her in the cab and not uttering a word. They reached the hotel and he helped her out. He then pulled her around the building and they walked out onto the beach and took a secluded path.

She was just working up the courage to ask him what was wrong when he pulled her back into his arms and kissed her again with all the force he’d shown her at the club. She forgot all about her worries as her arms came up around his neck and she gave him full access.

Alex threw his jacket down on the ground and lowered her gently to the grass covered mound in the middle of a deserted trail. The silver moon cast a soft glow, providing only enough light to barely see him, leaving everything around him in shadows. He stripped her dress off in one movement, leaving her exposed and vulnerable.

He was awed by the sight she made, wearing only a piece of black lace barely hiding her from him, the garter and red heals. She was bathed in the moonlight, giving her a surreal look. He wanted nothing more than to bury himself deep inside of her but he wasn’t a selfish lover and he would make sure of her pleasure before his own.

He quickly stripped away his clothes and then brought their bodies back into intimate contact. He took her lips in his again, making her cry out her pleasure, as his hands explored every inch of her skin. His lips caressed her neck and the tops of her breasts.

She could barely breathe, the pressure was so great. She wanted to cry out her love for him but held back, barely. When his lips finally took her hardened peak into his mouth and he sucked her aching nipple, her whole back arched off the ground. When he gently nipped the sensitized skin she almost came undone.