Assassination System

Chapter -1 Prologue: Dan Gabriel Luther

Inside a cramped room filled with all sorts of garbages. A young man whose visual appearance looked to be at his late teenage years could be seen seating before a computer screen. The young man's figure looked slender. His countenance pale yet the zealous light burning within his eyes indicated his determination on completing the game before him.

With a click of the mouse, the two-dimensional figure of what looked like a young woman gave a sweet smile. "I understand your feelings and I also think so. But are you really gonna give up just like that?" Her voice contained an ethereal tone within it as the figure of the young man shivered.

The hand he used to hold the mouse slightly trembled as tears fell from his murky and darkened eyes. His expression looked like he struggled about something. But soon, a flash of resolve surged within his eyes as he tapped on the mouse.

"I'm sorry, Rin-san. But it is my decision, Thank you for everything so far..." The scene before him changed. Replaced by a scene of two figures walking towards the opposite direction from each other. An elegant background music that brought with it a sorrowful air rang out as Dan's figure continuously trembled in anguish.

He had no other choice. To save the best, he had to make some sacrifices.

And the one he sacrificed was his childhood friend. He sacrificed it for the sake of the true waifu.

Though he didn't have any regrets. The sensation of sacrificing you loved for the greater good still destroyed his young and maiden heart. Taking a tissue from the side. He wiped his face before standing up and washing his face in the bathroom.

The sensation of emptiness crept over his body. This feeling really doesn't go old, he mumbled. In each time he completed a masterpiece or his favorite novel. He would feel this emptiness which threatened to devour his entire soul.

Fortunately, he had a favorite manga that started publishing in the 20th Century. But now, though it was already at the year two-thousand ninety-five. His favorite manga, One Piece was still ongoing. He felt somewhat proud about the fact that he could endure the massive chapter fillers which dotted the entire volumes.

The young man's name was Dan Gabriel Luther. Living somewhere inside the small Island of the Philippines called Cebu. Ever since he was young. He had a complete obsession towards anime and games to the extent that he neglected his studies.

The country where he lived in was known for valuing education higher than everything else and as a result. Dan was exiled from his family. Fortunately, his family gave him a portion of his inheritance and Dan was able to continue his life of laziness and depravity.

Dan lifted his head and stared at the time. It was already eight in the morning. Stretching his limbs, he stood up and prepared for his morning routine. Placing his computer into hibernation. He walked towards another room where his full set of gym equipment laid in.

After training his entire body for about an hour. Dan took a shower and returned back to his cluttered room. Pushing the mess of junk foods and tissues aside. A wry smile leaked on his lips as he thought, 'I wonder, why I am still training my body when I am eating all of this junk?' He shook his head as the illumination from the computer revealed the prized treasures that he kept, all these years.

Innumerable figurines of his favorite waifu and all sorts of collectibles from animes could be seen neatly piled inside a bookshelf. Despite the fact that Dan didn't even clean his room. His bookshelves full of these treasures looked clean and pristine.

"My treasures," He mumbled before turning back to his computer and opening a certain website whom he earned most of his income. The website where all sorts of mysteries and worlds, thrived. Under the pen of the authors.

Inside that website, Dan assumed the identity of TheAdventurer and was currently writing The Ancient Cultivator in Modern World. HIs hands turned into a blur and danced around the keyboard as rhythmic tapping sounds destroyed the tranquility of the room.

HIs eyes completely focused on his task, Dan heaved a sigh of relief when he completed his first chapter of the day. But little did he expect that after writing his chapter. The comments that he received were full of negativities. His expression turned somber.

The fresh wounds in his heart that came from the disappearance of his childhood friend, resurfaced as Dan couldn't help but continuously tremble in a mixture of anger and sadness. Closing his novel's page. He calmed himself down and listened to some nightcore music.

His morning routine looked as average as ever and was gradually becoming repetitive. In each time he received negative comments. He would ruminate about it and try to learn where he went wrong. Suddenly, his eyes flashed in a light of inspiration as he hurriedly opened inkstone and typed in these words.

Chapter 100: Departure...

The idea for his hundredth chapter turned into a stream of information of which he continuously wrote. But little did Dan expect that someone had actually crept up behind him. Engrossed in the brilliant idea that he had, it didn't even take long until Dan pressed the publish button as a smile of success crept out on his lips.

"Finally, a hundred chapters...I hope that my readers won't roast me too much..."

He lightly chuckled and started reading his novel from scratch. He became adamant in finding out the faults that he made in the course of his writing. However, little did he expect that when he saw his favorite character dying at a certain chapter. The sensation of sadness that he received from his favorite visual novel, the negativity from the trolls and the shock of witnessing his favorite character's death. All combined into a lethal concoction which gave him a cardiac arrest.

As he fell onto the ground, Dan mumbled, "Please let me transmigrate or at least reincarnate..." Amidst his darkening consciousness, Dan stared at the masterpieces that he collected before he whispered his final words in this world, "Please let me be a woman in my next life, I'm tired playing this game called Life in the Veteran Difficulty..." He lightly chuckled as his consciousness darkened. Never to return again.